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Whether you want to expand your local operation, test a new market, or scale your business even further, we have got the right solutions for you.

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eCommerce Logistics

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Freight Forwarding

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Customs Clearance

eCommerce Logistics

From first mile, customs clearance, line haul, to last mile and anything in between, get them all in Janio.

Freight Forwarding

Take your business forward by leveraging on Janio's multimodal Freight services. Explore the region's sky, sea, and land and get the most optimum supply chain at the most efficient price.

Customs Clearance

Don't let customs issues hold back your business' growth potential. In fact, turn it into a winning edge to get ahead of your competitors with Janio's customs services.

Simplifying the Logistics Process for You

Janio integrates all the different processes across the supply chain onto a centralized platform,
allowing you to easily manage and track your shipment

1. Warehouse

Any idle time could translate to unwanted additional inventory costs for you and your business, and may even cause delays in delivery. Here at Janio, we ensure that this won’t be the case for our merchants and their end customers.

Our cutting-edge technology enables timeliness and efficiency when scheduling pick-ups. With our system, we will make sure all parcels are picked up from your warehouse right on time when they are ready for delivery.

2. First Mile

Set the tone for the rest of your shipping process with a strong start during the first mile. Simply indicate the details of your preferred parcel pickup timing (and the address of your warehouse or storefront, and Janio will take care of coordinating the rest.

We’ll make sure that your data is provided accurately and ensure that on-demand pick-ups are done in a timely manner. Here at Janio, we want you to ship stress-free!

3. Customs Processing and Filing at Origin Airport

This is the first customs gateway that your eCommerce goods will need to clear, and it may be difficult to keep track of all the various customs requirements of different countries.

To simplify the process, Janio will help in the preparation of all the necessary documents by automatically generating them in our dashboard. This ensures a smooth, quick, and efficient clearance of customs in the origin country.

4. Line Haul

With a large number of cross-border shipments these days and limited space on the plane, one must stay competitive to seize a spot for air freight.

Janio's extensive partner network helps to ensure that there is always a space for your parcels whenever you need it. We’ll help you deliver your goods on time to remain reliable and trustworthy to your end-consumers.

5. Customs at the Destination Airport

Handling one country's customs clearance is complicated enough. Multiply this by the dynamic customs environment in Southeast Asian countries, and things can get exceedingly complex. At Janio, we’ll help you to understand the customs clearance procedures and its intricacies, so that you can ensure a smooth delivery process for your shipments.

We’ll also help you to check that your goods aren’t on the prohibited lists, take care of accurate labelling and documentation, and calculate import duties and taxes. Janio will also work to keep track of any changes to the customs processes and laws in the region to prevent your goods from getting stuck at customs.

6. Distribution

Our partners are equipped to handle both fulfilment and distribution promptly after customs clearance to ensure that the shipments are properly sorted to the right end-consumer.

We make sure that all parcels are dispersed based on their final destination to allow for efficient last mile delivery so that your end-consumers can receive the correct items in no time.

7. Last Mile

To expect the unexpected is the norm when it comes to braving through Southeast Asian traffic and infrastructure. With our network of quality last mile partners, our system maps the most optimal route for your parcels to reach their end-consumers quickly and directly.

As we understand the importance of transparency in the delivery process, our track and trace system will also serve to provide you and your customers the needed status of the last leg of delivery.

On top of that, you can delight your Southeast Asian customers by offering cash on delivery (COD) through Janio!

Why Janio

We make eCommerce shipping fast, transparent, and affordable for you. Not only that, we ensure you have everything you need to spread your wings.

Our Technology

Logistics, whether it's direct to consumers or via Freight should not be tedious nor complicated. Streamline your processes and get the visibility you need through our technological platform.

Our Service Network

Southeast Asia's geography is highly diverse and fragmented. Leverage on Janio's local expertise with regional presence and make Southeast Asia your playground.

Our Partners

Beyond just delivering parcels, we want to ensure that you are set for success when expanding your operations. Start your expansion right by leveraging on Janio's ecosystem partners.

Janio has market knowledge and entities across most of the Asian Countries, which includes Bukalapak’s target markets. Bukalapak benefited a lot from Janio’s network and gave us a more local view on how to do business in different countries

Hou Shyan Sam
Cross-Border Partnership Manager, Bukalapak

With Janio taking care of our logistics needs, we can focus on growing faster and expanding our ecosystem for these niche brands to grow together.

Alvin Loh
Head of Operations, Sift & Pick

Janio provides excellent service at a very reasonable cost which allows merchants to focus on growing their business.

Michael Tjendara
Founder of Australian Gallery

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