Set in Malaysia

星期四, 十一月 21 2019, 11 上午 - 13 下午

Malaysia is an attractive market with strong economic fundamentals and a booming digital economy. In this webinar, we invite you to explore the business outlook, opportunities and challenges doing business and expanding to Malaysia with our General Manager at Janio Malaysia – Syed Faisal Alkaff, along with other panellists from Vistra Malaysia and SportScientia.

Janio started in Singapore in March 2018 and officially opened our branch in Malaysia in early 2019. To date, Janio serves a significant number of clients and has established key partnerships in Malaysia, including industry heavyweights such as Fashion Valet, MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) and more.

Syed Faisal will share how Janio established our footprints in Malaysia and serving our partners and clients there.

If you’re a global or regional business owner looking to expand to Malaysia, do not miss the chance to touch base with us.


星期四, 十一月 21, 2019

11 上午 - 1 下午 Malaysia



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