Ship your orders directly from Australia to Southeast Asia

Ship your orders straight from Australia to Southeast Asia with Janio! Borderless Trade & Logistic enables your brands to have a direct store or under the flagship online shop Australian Gallery. Now you can sell directly to consumers in Southeast Asia hassle-free!


Enable Your Brands

Set up flagship online store for your brands directly

Australian Gallery

Cross Border eCommerce

Establish your brands and sell products on Australian Gallery

About Borderless Trade & Logistic

Borderless Trade & Logistics was founded by Michael Tjendara and Colin Kang in 2018. Their aim is to build a trading business through the online and offline marketplace by providing a one-stop solution for Australian brands to tap into the booming market in Southeast Asia while broadening the accessibility of Australian products to consumers in the region. They started with Australian Gallery, a flagship shop to present Australian Brands to Indonesian consumers in the marketplaces.

Success Story of Australian Gallery

How Janio and Borderless Trade & Logistics work together to bring Australian Health & Beauty Products into Indonesia!

Interested in selling your products from Australia?

Connect with us and Borderless Trade & Logistic!


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