Sell on one of Indonesia's most popular marketplaces & ship your Bukalapak orders with Janio

Bukalapak is one of the top marketplaces based in Indonesia with over 30 million users as of Oct 2019 and counting! Being Bukalapak's exclusive cross-border partner, Janio supports all sellers on Bukalapak who are importing into and exporting from Indonesia, supporting SMEs to grow regionally.

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Reach 30 Million Plus Online Shoppers

Bukalapak has one of the highest monthly transaction among Indonesian marketplaces and serves consumers all over Indonesia with a variety of popular product categories such as fashion, beauty and food.

Supportive Seller Team

Bukalapak's supportive seller team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth onboarding process so you can kickstart your online storefront with ease.

Seamless Logistics by JANIO

Enjoy seamless logistics provided by Bukalapak's official cross-border partner - Janio!

About Bukalapak

Bukalapak is a marketplace which enables anyone to purchase anything in a secured and trusted seller network. Being a unicorn marketplaces in Indonesia, Bukalapak decided to take a step forward to expand cross-border with Janio in May, currently serving markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Brunei.

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