Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile


With our network of quality last mile partners in Asia, Janio is optimised for Southeast Asia’s complex logistics ecosystem. Bolstered by our end-to-end tracking system, your shipment will arrive safely to its destination on schedule.

Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our proprietary platform enables our last mile providers to access shipment details, utilize real time parcel tracking and communicate directly with our logistics team to ensure optimal coordination.

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Accountable and Reliable

Janio’s platform and operations teams ensure our last mile partners have instant access to the information required to ensure timely delivery of your parcels to your customers.

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Automated Pricing Process

Last mile rates and invoice reconciliation can be a nightmare with traditional forwarders. To optimize your time and energy, Janio’s line by line breakdown of all charges enables invoices and quotes to align automatically.

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Reduce Confusion & Incidental Charges with Janio Asia

Reduce Confusion
and Incidental Charges

The cross-border shipping process is complex, and communication breakdowns often lead to costly delays and unnecessary fees. Janio simplifies this process by working closely with both our clients and service providers to surface critical shipment details, guaranteeing that shipments remain on track and arrive on time.

Real-time Visibility with
End-to-End Tracking

Janio’s strong network and close collaboration with trusted last mile companies enables us to provide you with real time updates. You can now plan for arrival times and dates more accurately, saving your company time and money.

Real Time Visibility with Janio's End to End Tracking
Janio Provides Cash On Delivery for the Last Mile

Cash on Delivery

Being a popular payment method in Southeast Asia, Janio can manage cash on delivery (COD) payments on your behalf, with the backing of our reliable last mile partners. This ensures accountability and mitigates liability when offering COD as a payment option, keeping you competitive in the Southeast Asian eCommerce scene.

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