Operational Double Delight

Sift & Pick brings uniqueness to Singapore by partnering with indie designer brands across the region.
Learn how Janio helped them save operation time by two folds and deliver a delightful shopping experience.

Delivering Delight from
the World to Singapore

Sift & Pick carries a wide variety of products originating from multiple countries like South Korea, Australia, and more. This translated to a wide and complex supply chain with multiple logistics providers to manage, costing the company a lot of man-hours and money.

Thankfully, this is no longer a worry since Janio came to the picture.


2x Time Saving through
Integrated Supply Chain

Learn how Janio helped Sift & Pick move away from manual work, save operational time and do what they do best.

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Flexible & Modular Solutions

Just like Sift & Pick, you can complete your supply chain puzzle with Janio. Be it Freight, B2C, or combination of them, Janio delivers it in a cost-efficient manner.

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A Partner for Success

Beyond technology, we believe that human touch is essential in charting the region’s logistics landscape, and that’s exactly what Sift & Pick gets!

With Janio taking care of our logistics needs, we can focus on growing faster and expanding our ecosystem for these niche brands to grow together.

Hou Shyan Sam

Cross-Border Partnership Manager, Bukalapak