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Pushed online by lockdowns and continuing to shop online primarily for its convenience, Australia’s online shoppers have racked up at least USD 27.28 billion in online consumer products purchases in 2020 alone.

Get the latest eCommerce insights including how they find brands, their top product categories bought along with the best shopping seasons to plan for in Australia.

Plan for both your campaign and your shipments. This guide contains tips on how you can ship your items internationally, from first mile and customs to last mile.

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Discover Australia's eCommerce trends & international shipping tips:

Fashion, Home and Living and Health and Beauty are among the items bought by Australians in 2020 and 2021
  • Key stats and infographics on eCommerce Australia
  • What Australians have been buying online
  • Australian consumer behaviour such as brand discovery methods and factors for shopping online
  • Hottest Sales Periods
  • And more!
Janio can help you with your shipments Australia-wide
  • End-to-end steps for shipping internationally to Australia
  • Explanations on Australia’s De Minimis Rate and how customs value is calculated
  • Restricted and Prohibited Goods and Origin Customs tips for Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia

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