Janio’s Inaugural Event Arms Singaporean SMEs with Insights to Go Regional


Panel Discussion held at the conference

Themed ‘Breaking into E-commerce in Indonesia,’ Janio Asia’s first event took place at LEVEL3, Mapletree Business City on 4th March 2019. Joined by Australian Gallery, JD. ID, YCH Group, and Zilingo and supported by Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the half-day conference drew nearly 200 e-commerce peers.

Recognising the opportunities and challenges in the burgeoning Indonesian e-commerce market, the conference held talks regarding marketplaces that merchants can list on, advice on regional fulfilment and logistics, and a case sharing of how a company successfully expanded to Indonesia. In addition, a panel discussion and onsite consultation sessions to create engagement between the panelists and the audience at the conference to shed light on the topics.

Law Chung Ming, the Director of Transport and Logistics pision at Enterprise Singapore kicked off the programme by addressing some of Indonesia’s e-commerce market opportunities and challenges that merchants could face when conducting e-commerce business in the country.

Senior management from two of the leading marketplaces in Southeast Asia – JD. ID and Zilingo, shared how Singaporean merchants can enter the Indonesian e-commerce market via online marketplaces, and also up-to-date insights about Indonesian e-commerce trends and consumer behaviour to better aid merchants in business and marketing strategies.

Of particular note, Stephanie Onie, Senior Business Development and Seller Acquisition Manager from JD. ID, highlighted the JD Global Program which can help Singaporean merchants grow their regional capabilities in Southeast Asia. Hussein Sulaiman, Regional Operations Manager from Zilingo shared insights about other potential markets that Singaporean merchants could expand to such as Thailand and the Philippines.

Participants also heard from Nathaniel Yim, Janio’s Chief Marketing Officer and Simon Sim, the Head of Consumer Lifestyle & E-commerce at YCH about best practices regarding how merchants can set up their supply chains and fulfil international deliveries from Singapore to Indonesia.

Michael Tjendara, Managing Director of Borderless Trade & Logistics offered his insights on how he successfully entered the Indonesian market and operates Australian Gallery – an online store representing over 80 brands from Australia and New Zealand, on marketplaces such as JD. ID.

Alongside the talks, the event held a panel discussion which covered topics ranging from the size and opportunities within Indonesian e-commerce, and tips for growing brands which includes investing in micro-influencers and also building trust with your consumers. These insights were shared by our panelists, Stephanie Onie, Simon Sim, Hussein Sulaiman as well as Janio’s Chief Operations Officer, Syed Ali Ridha Madihid. The panel discussion was moderated by Janio’s Content Editor, Benedict Leong.

The conference was concluded with Enterprise Singapore sharing about how Enterprise Singapore’s worldwide network and support initiatives, such as funding, can help Singapore SMEs grow their businesses. Attendees also benefited from the networking and consultation opportunities, which were specially designed to engage participants and event partners.

Commenting on the success of the conference, Janio’s CEO Ng Jun Kai said ‘While connecting businesses to the regional logistics ecosystem, we at Janio also aim to provide a platform for industry players to connect, synergize and create more strategic partnerships.’

What attendees say:

“I got the full explanation when it comes to how to conduct e-commerce in Indonesia. JD. ID’s description of how they can help merchants bring their products into Indonesia through their JD. ID Global Programme was particularly helpful.”

– Adlee Al Nasry, Owner of Nigel Herbs Pte Ltd.

“We are both a merchant and a platform helping merchants sell online. The conference was definitely informative and very interesting. We learned some new useful information today about the trade Janio is in.”

– Shane Buster, Kingly Pte Ltd.

‘Our startup sells a huge spectrum of beauty products. When I saw that Janio was hosting an event I decided to sign up. I found the event pretty good, especially the partnerships I can make, such as with logistics player and marketplaces like JD. ID and Zilingo.’

– Don Yew, Founder & CEO of Beureka.com

To find out more about the events we’re participating in and organising this year, check out our official events calendar

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